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Welcome to the community-owned Isle of Gigha, the most southerly and one of the most beautiful of the Hebridean Islands. Seven miles long by a mile and a half wide, Gigha is situated three miles west of the Kintyre peninsula, less than three hours drive from the city of Glasgow.

Gigha is breathtaking – silver beaches and beautiful bays, clear green seas, stunning views and amazing sunsets, lochs and gently sloping hillsides, as well as a plentiful variety of wildlife and birdlife. You can enjoy exploring the many archaeological and historic sites or welcome the peace and beauty of a walk or cycle. Whatever the time of year you can immerse yourself in the colours of Achamore Gardens that benefit from Gigha being low lying and influenced by the North Atlantic Drift resulting in the climate being drier and warmer than that normally associated with the west coast of Scotland. 

With the self-catering cottages, Gigha Hotel, B&B options and camping to choose from, Gigha offers the perfect getaway break where you’ll receive the friendliest of welcomes.

Since the community buyout in 2002 the island has gone from strength to strength with a growing population and a sustainable local economy.

Our website can only give you a flavour of Gigha, named by the Vikings 'Gudey', The Good Isle or God's Isle, but it is such a special place that once you visit, you will always want to return.

We look forward to welcoming you to your true island experience...



Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust

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The Isle of Gigha was put on the market in 2001 and the community were encouraged to purchase and own the island. Gigha was handed over to the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust (IGHT) on the 15th March 2002, a day that is marked on the island every year as “Gigha Day”. 

The Trust is managed by a Board of voluntary Directors. They are elected by the membership to develop the assets of the island, and take forward plans and projects for the community. There are several subsidiary companies in place to generate income to the Trust that helps to continue to develop the island:

Gigha Trading Ltd - The trading arm of the Trust that manages Gigha moorings, pontoon and airstrip.

Gigha Green Power Ltd - Operates an Enercon E33 turbine.

Gigha Renewable Energy Ltd - Operates the three "Dancing Ladies" V27 turbines.

IGHT currently has 6 full-time paid employees and 3 part-time paid employees. This small staff team support the 4 company Board of Directors, and many volunteers undertake a wide variety of jobs and projects for the island. Not only do our visitors support Gigha when they use the hotel, shop, moorings, accommodation and other facilities but it is not unknown for visitors to come to Gigha in a voluntary capacity to help with other projects!

Main Contacts

IGHT enquiries: 01583 505 390   GTL enquiries: 01583 427 300

For general enquiries: shona@gigha.org.uk

For development enquiries: jane@gigha.org.uk

For housing and estate enquiries: office@gigha.org.uk

For all GTL enquiries: trading@gigha.org.uk

For accounts/finance enquiries: ightcentralaccounts@gigha.org.uk

For Gardens enquiries: gardens@gigha.org.uk

For Ranger enquiries: ranger@gigha.org.uk


Visitors to Gigha

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COVID-19 Attractions Accommodation Food & Drink Getting Here

If you are a visitior to Gigha, you can access information here on accommodation providers, as well as food and drink options, the different attractions you can see/do whilst on Gigha and how to get here.

Visitors are strongly advised to plan their trip to Gigha in line with Scottish Government guidance both when using the CalMac ferry service and when on island. 

Please use the contact details for specific providers to understand how they are operating or plan to reopen during the COVID outbreak.

A full COVID-19 Visitor Information Pack is available here

Achamore Gardens

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Achamore Gardens Blog Achamore House


Achamore Gardens is open to residents from 1st July 2020 and will reopen to visitors from 15th July 2020. Public toilets are available at the Stables block from 15th July. The toilets will be closed from 8.30- 9.30am and 1.30-2.30pm for cleaning. Please acknowledge signage and opening hours and ensure there is only 1 person using the facilities at any time.

You can download a map of the Gardens here

Created by Colonel Sir James Horlick with the assistance of Gardener Kitty Lloyd Jones in 1944, Achamore Gardens is the home of Horlick’s renowned Rhododendron and Camellia Collection. Flourishing in Gigha's warm microclimate, the 54-acre Gardens hosts many notable and unusual plants and trees from around the world. 

The woodland walks with Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias, New Zealand tree ferns, Hydrangeas and Fuchsias complement the walled gardens with it’s tender exotics, herbaceous borders and a Bamboo Maze for all to enjoy. The Garden Viewpoint has stunning views over to the islands of Islay and Jura while the pond is a haven for wildlife. 

The Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust, owner of the gardens, has employed a new Head Gardener as of March 2020 and is actively working to restore Achamore Gardens and developing a plan to take it forward for future generations.

To register your interest in volunteering at Achamore Gardens, please contact Head Gardener, Bryony White, by emailing gardens@gigha.org.uk

Our Island

Old Gigha Photos

Our Island: Creatively Exploring Gigha

This project aims to enable islanders to get involved with creative activities over a winter lockdown with the overall theme of exploring what it means to live on Gigha and to connect with the heritage of the island. The project aims to capture our voices, stories, and heritage through different creative forms.

  • Film makers have been commissioned to help us produce a film of the island which will be available to everyone on Gigha.
  • Digitising of old photos - creating a lasting legacy and a potential book in the future. 
  • Writing group meet on a Monday night over Zoom. We are also keen to know how we can involve people who want support with writing (creative writing or otherwise).
  • Interviews with islanders to capture their story.
  • Lino cutting kits available to residents to learn to create their own prints.
  • Engaging with the Gaelic heritage of the island and sharing the Gaelic place names and the stories behind these.
  • Commissioning a new Gaelic song for Gigha.
  • Storytelling workshops with the Gigha Primary School, creating a digital animation output.
  • A crafted story blanket.

More opportunities to get involved will emerge, so please keep an eye on the Our Island Facebook and the noticeboard at the Gigha shop. Ellie Logan is leading this project and can be reached at: shesingsalways@gmail.com

If you have some photos which you could share (old or new) that would be brilliant. Hard copies will be treated with care and returned promptly and safely.

This project is being funded by Inspiring Scotland's Creative Communities programme

Gigha Community Fund

How to apply

The Gigha Community Fund has been established to invest funds from Gigha Renewable Energy Limited income back into the Gigha community. 

The Fund will support projects or that can demonstrate they will deliver against the wider objectives of the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust (parent charity). These objectives aim to:

- Develop skills

- Improve health and wellbeing

- Relieve poverty

- Protect and conserve the environment

- Protect and promote heritage and culture

- Support active community engagement

Contact Us

Isle of Gigha Facebook

Isle of Gigha Instagram

Isle of Gigha Twitter


Please contact the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust by email using the form below.

Any information disclosed to the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust via this contact form will not be passed on to any third parties.

All information is handled in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

Please check the website for specific contact details for other businesses on the island.

Please do not use this form for accommodation enquiries. Please refer to the Accommodation section for contact details of all accommodation providers.

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