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February has been a particularly wet and windy month. It’s not windy today but there has been a fair bit of rain and during a break in the rain I rushed to the gardens to do my monthly report. It is very wet underfoot and slippery in places because of fallen leaves. There has been a bit of storm damage with quite a bit of debris from the trees.

Because I was short of time I decided to concentrate my walk around the walled garden, the south drive and down to the pond. Considering the number of daffodils springing up and flowering all over the island there was a surprising lack of open daffodils in the gardens. There are one or two small rhododendrons beginning to flower but some of these have been spoilt by the weather. After a quick look there didn’t appear to be anything new flowering in the walled garden but at the top of Hugh and Islay’s border there is a tall Pieris with sprays of white flowers.

I have noticed while doing these walks that there are a lot more bamboos in the gardens than there used to be. This one was near to the Malcolm Allan Garden along the road to the gate onto Achamore farm road. This road used to be wide enough for a tractor but has been over grown and is more like a footpath now. At the end of this path before turning onto the south drive is a clump of Skimmia which is just coming into flower. It, like a lot of winter flowering shrubs, has a lovely scent.

I expected the south drive to be awash with Camellia flowers but only a few of them were flowering. One of which, Golden Spangles, I mentioned in my December report. Photo. It was here that it started to drizzle again so I had to cover my camera for a while. I made my way to the pond garden which even in this weather was quite photogenic. This photo I took wasn’t the best one of the pond but I wanted to show the yellow and red stems of Cornus in the same picture.

On my way back to the car I found this clump of Helleborus near to the garages. There were some snowdrops there too but they were beginning to go over.

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