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Campsite Housing & Hub Achamore Gardens Development Access Project

By the 20th anniversary of community ownership in 2022, IGHT have the following ambitions:

- Creation of an official campsite and motorhome site

- Creation of a housing complex to support our elderly residents staying on Gigha and providing a better quality of life for them

- Improved access to the island’s path networks for visitors and residents

- Finding a sustainable future for Achamore Gardens 

- Creation of a new island masterplan/strategy, focusing on the priorities of the community

The IGHT Board hope to involve the community as much as possible in these projects and allow the community to have their say through drop-in sessions, surveys and community consultations. To find out more about current development projects, please click here .

For all development and community engagement enquiries, please contact jane@gigha.org.uk

Photo - IGHT visited Jura Development Trust. This trip was funded through the Community Learning Exchange by Scottish Community Alliance.

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