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The Isle of Gigha was put on the market in 2001 and the community were encouraged to purchase and own the island. Gigha was handed over to the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust on the 15th March 2002, a day that is marked on the island every year as “Gigha Day”. 

The Trust is managed by a Board of voluntary Directors. They are elected by the membership to develop the assets of the island, and take forward plans and projects for the community. There are several subsidiary companies in place to generate income to the Trust that helps to continue to develop the island:

Gigha Trading Ltd - The trading arm of the Trust that manages self-catering accommocation, moorings, pontoon and airstrip.

Gigha Green Power Ltd - Operates an Enercon E33 turbine.

Gigha Renewable Energy Ltd - Operates the three "Dancing Ladies" turbines. 

The main activities of IGHT include:

  • ownership of the majority of the island built and land including housing stock, four working farms, Gigha Hotel, Boathouse Restaurant, Gigha Post Office and Shop
  • managing moorings and pontoons, airstrip, 5 self-catering accommodation units and Achamore Gardens
  • managing and maintaining 4 wind turbines

Since the buy-out in 2002, IGHT has:

  • renovated 28 houses as part of an ongoing investment programme
  • sold 14 plots for private development 
  • developed 4 wind turbines which help fund IGHT development and regeneration on Gigha
  • installed moorings and pontoon facilities
  • successfully marketed its self-catering accommodation, activity centre, airstrip and Achamore Gardens

IGHT currently has 4 full-time paid employees and 3 part-time paid employees. This small staff team support the 4 company Board of directors, and many volunteers undertake a wide variety of jobs and projects for the island. Not only do our visitors support Gigha when they use the hotel, shop, moorings, accommodation and other facilities but it is not unknown for visitors to come to Gigha in a voluntary capacity to help in Achamore Gardens or with other projects!

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