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Beautiful views in every direction, safe beaches, seals, dolphins and otters, a great variety of birds and wildflowers, history going back 5000 years – the Isle of Gigha has so much to explore!

Gigha is 7 miles long by 1 mile across, narrowing to a waist barely a quarter of a mile wide. The road runs north/south with farm tracks leading east and west. The coast measures about 30 miles due to the indented nature of the shoreline with its rocky coves and silver-sanded beaches. The island habitat is rich and varied, and there are many sites of historical interest.

As Gigha is just a 20-minute ferry journey off the west coast of the Kintyre peninsula you can easily come for the day for a walk, although we think you’d want to stay longer.

The terrain of the island is varied, from mixed woodland, pasture land, sandy beaches, rocky shores, bracken and bramble-covered hillsides to rocky heather-clad hilltops. Whatever the weather strong shoes or walking boots are recommended even in dry weather, and wellington boots for some paths when it is wet – Gigha enjoys more than its fair share of sunshine, but it does sometimes get rain.

On a clear day you can see the coast of Antrim in Ireland to the south west, the long mountainous shapes of Islay and Jura to the north west, Ben More on Mull far to the north, the hills of Kilberry to the north east, and Goatfell on Arran rising behind the hills of Kintyre to the east.

There are walks to suit every age and ability, from seaside strolls to more strenuous hill scrambles, so whether you are a keen walker or simply like to wander and enjoy nature at a slower pace, come and walk Gigha!

Throughout the year there are organised walks on the island by the Gigha Coast and Countryside Group

Walking Highlights

SPOUTING CAVE A natural rocky blowhole at the southern point of Gigha

EUN EILEAN A favourite place for basking seals. Safe sandy beach at Leim

BODACH & CAILLEACH Ancient standing stones close to the windmills

CUDDYPORT BEACH Sheltered and safe. Quern stone quarry nearby

GALLOCHOILLE Ancient harbour and Pictish dun. Secluded coves

CNOC NA CROISE Kilchatten church ruin and graveyard including a kilted warrior gravestone

RUBH' A CHINN MHOR Sheltered beach with the signposted path leading from near the front of the Gigha Hotel


CREAG BHAN The highest hill at 100m. View finder cairn. Wildlife at Upper Loch and Old Mill

EILEAN GARBH Sheltered twin beaches at the north west of Gigha

CNOC NA GOBHAR & THE FISHERMAN'S CAVE Inscriptions from the 1700's

NORTH CAIRN Wonderful views

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