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Bright future ahead for the Gigha Hotel

The Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust has secured £247k from the UK Government Community Ownership Fund to help restore the Gigha Hotel.

Since the community buy out in 2002, the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust (IGHT) has been tackling the complexities of owning and managing a large number of assets and operations. This requires a significant amount of commitment from community members, a number of whom sit as volunteers on the IGHT board and working groups. One asset within the IGHT portfolio is the Gigha Hotel, which comprises of 12 bedroom accommodation, a restaurant and a pub. 

The Gigha Hotel was previously leased but has subsequently been returned to the IGHT following its closure in early 2023. The Gigha community came together in 2023 to express the importance of securing the long-term viability of the Hotel. The viability of the hotel industry is challenging, however Gigha has some unique factors which the community hope to utilise to the fullest potentional.

The Gigha Hotel is the only hotel and pub on the island and provides a space for residents, workers and visitors. The hotel is at the centre of the island’s economy, where its success or failure has a direct impact on the island’s reputation and sustainability. The Gigha community are passionate about their hotel and believe with the correct investment and management, the Hotel could be a success for the island.

With support from the Community Ownership Fund, the IGHT are now able to renovate the pub and function space within the hotel which will create a comfortable social space for the community, whilst enhancing Gigha’s tourism offer. The investment from the UK Gorvernment will be a starting point for the community in relaising the Hotel's potential as a community space and visitor destination.

More details on the funding award can be found online here



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