Gigha's People

Gigha's population has steadily declined from around 600 in the early 1800's to our present day 170 residents. The most common surnames on the island during the 1800's and 1900's were: MacNeill, Galbreath, Smith, McDonald, McQuilkan (later Anglicised to Wilkieson), Graham, Brown, McConnachie, McGugan, McSporran, Henderson, Wotherspoon and McMillan.

Gigha Census Information

  • 1827 Census - In 1827 the Reverend James Curdie came to the island and in that same year took a census of the Gigha people and wrote it in a jotter. It is a remarkably valuable piece of History for the genealogist as it lists the married women under their Maiden names. There are 571 people listed. We have a copy of this census and have now made it available on here


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