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Dark Skies Gigha is a non-profit community group based on the Isle of Gigha which aims to promote and facilitate an interest in observing the night sky as well as providing educational experiences through regular events covering all age groups.  The group also encourages islanders and visitors to become aware of the detrimental effects of light pollution on wildlife, humans and the night sky. 

Thanks to the hard work of the Dark Skies Gigha group, the huge expanse of dark sky and minimal light pollution, a site at the north of the island has been named as a Dark Sky Discovery Site by the UK Dark Sky Discovery Partnership. Gigha’s site is Milky Way class, the highest designation, because it is possible to see our galaxy, the Milky Way, very clearly on a dark cloudless night. This award makes the Isle of Gigha one of the top twenty most remote zones in Scotland which have been designated as a Dark Sky Discovery Site in the Milky Way class. 

The group write regular ‘Seeing Stars’ reports that appear in the Gigha Newsletter and the group also posts stargazing information on social media. Stargazing Guide pamphlets are also available below and on the island.

£3,500 of funding from The National Lottery has been awarded to the group. This is being used to create a Dark Sky Theatre at the Dark Sky Discovery Site at the north of the island which will feature a night sky interpretation board, benches and stargazing pamphlets for islanders and visitors. In addition, the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust awarded the group £840 towards the purchase of community binoculars suitable for stargazing. The creation of Gigha’s ‘Dark Skies Theatre’ is supported by the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust and Argyll and Bute Council.

Email: dark.skies.gigha@gmail.com

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