IGHT Director Vacancy

Board Director Vacancy

The Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust is looking to appoint a co-opted Director to its Board with a specific responsibility for oversight of financial management of the Trust.

The Trust are looking for someone with skills and experience in financial management, oversight of the preparation of management and annual accounts (in conjunction with the Trust staff and retained accountants, RA Clement), oversight of financial systems, grant funding, audit and risk management.

The Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust was established in 2001 and is the community body that took ownership of the island following the community buyout. The Trust is a Charity and is managed by seven Directors elected by the membership, to develop the assets of the island, and take forward plans and projects for the community. The Memorandum and Articles also allow for the appointment of a further three co-opted Directors to bring specific skills and experience to the Board.

There are several subsidiary companies in place to generate income to the Trust that helps to continue to develop the island:

Gigha Trading Ltd - The trading arm of the Trust that manages self-catering accommodation, moorings, pontoon and airstrip.

Gigha Green Power Ltd - Operates an Enercon E33 turbine.

Gigha Renewable Energy Ltd - Operates the three "Dancing Ladies" turbines.

The main activities of IGHT and include:

- Ownership of the majority of the island’s built infrastructure and land including housing stock, four working farms, Gigha Hotel, Boathouse Restaurant, Gigha Post Office and Shop

- Managing moorings and pontoons, airstrip, self-catering accommodation units and Achamore Gardens

- Managing and maintaining 4 wind turbines  

Since the buy-out in 2002, IGHT has:

- Renovated 28 houses as part of an ongoing investment programme.

- Sold 14 plots for private development

- Developed 4 wind turbines which help fund IGHT development and regeneration on Gigha

- Installed moorings and pontoon facilities

- Successfully marketed its self-catering accommodation, activity centre, airstrip and Achamore Gardens

- Secured funding for a Gigha campsite

- Developed the Gigha Community Fund

By the 20th anniversary of ownership 2022 IGHT have the following ambitions:

- Creation of an official campsite and motorhome site at Ardminish

- Creation of an assisted living complex to support our elderly residents staying on Gigha and providing a better quality of life for them

- Improved access to the island’s path networks for visitors and residents

- Finding a sustainable future for Achamore Gardens 

IGHT currently has 4 full-time paid employees and 2 part-time paid employees. IGHT also has 9 voluntary Directors who are appointed on behalf of the island residents to make decisions on behalf of approximately 100 Members.

The total gross income of the four combined companies was £1.1m in the financial year to end March 2019 with fixed assets sitting at £8.7m.

Director requirements

Directors are required to attend monthly meetings of the Trust Board, ideally in person but can be by phone on occasion if required. Meetings are held in the evenings as many of the Directors have full time jobs. Preparation for Board meetings is required, including reading papers and coming to meetings informed of the topics on the agenda. Directors are also required to contribute to ongoing project developments and management matters. This is usually by email although could involve meetings with the Trust accountants and funders on an infrequent basis.

The time requirement is estimated to be 2 days per month, including travel to island for meetings. The post is non remunerated although reasonable travel expenses can be paid.

For further information please contact the Chair of the Trust, Ian Wilson at chair@gigha.org.uk



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